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As part of Somaliland diplomacy successive success escalation, Somaliland head of state Muse Bihi Abdi has received diplomatic the credentials to the newly appointed UAE ambassdor to Somaliland, Abdulla Alnaqbi

Sunday March 14, 2021 - 19:17:32 in Maqaallo by Wariye Tiriko
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    As part of Somaliland diplomacy successive success escalation, Somaliland head of state Muse Bihi Abdi has received diplomatic the credentials to the newly appointed UAE ambassdor to Somaliland, Abdulla Alnaqbi

    Kindly publish this article. Thanks for your continuouscooperation.

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Kindly publish this article. Thanks for your continuouscooperation.

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Newly appointed UAEambassdorAdulla Alnaqbi to Somaliland has submittedhiscredentials to Somaliland head state Muse Bihi in a ceremony held Somaliland head of state palace. The head of state hasaccepted the credentials of the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the Republic of Somaliland, Ambassador Abdulla Alnaqbi.” statement from the Somaliland presidency said. The envoy presented his credentials and conveyed the greetings from top officials of the United Arab Emirates thanking the head of state for his valuable welcome. Somaliland head of state told the envoy that he came to a country his government and his people love the deep brotherhood relationship that existed between the two governments and the two people over centuries.Ambassador Abdulla Alnaqbi would be the first official emissary of the United Arab Emirates to the Republic of Somaliland since its independence in 1991.Somaliland head of statediscussed with the new envoy on the democratization process and the progress made in Somaliland over the past 30 years as well as the upcoming parliament and local council elections. UAE was the first country that decided to invest in Somaliland and implemented many development projects since UAE-Somaliland ties consolidated, UAE envoy said during the ceremony. The head of statewhile welcoming AmbassadorAbdulla Alnaqbihoped that he will play an important role in strengthening bilateral ties between the two countries and people. Both sides also discussed expanding cooperation between the two countries' bilateral interests on various sectors like trade, security and development and peace and stability in the region. Somaliland head of state also stressed that Somaliland and UAE have enjoyed more than fifty years of friendly relationship, which the countries interested in consolidating and further strengthened.

On his end,UAE new ambassdorMr. Abdulla Alnaqbiexpressed willingness to work with Somaliland strengthening ties and expand cooperation, bringing the two countries closer.As standard protocol, theletter is presented personally by the ambassador to the receiving head of state in a formal ceremony, marking the beginning of the ambassadorship.Diplomaticcredentials documented inVienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations done at Vienna protocol on 18 April 1961.The diplomaticcorps is the collective body of foreigndiplomaticaccredited to a particular country or body.Diplomatic corps cooperate amongst itself on a number of matters, including certain dealings with the host government.During the discussion, the two sidesaffirmed the importance of the brotherly relationship between the two countries and the two people which existed over a century.During the Credential ceremony, the AmbassadorAbdulla Alnaqbić has conveyed the intent of UAE to further strengthen the alliance between the two countries. UAE has significantly increased its engagement in Somaliland over the past several years, using security, development, and humanitarian projects to boost its regional diplomatic and economic influence. This diplomatic engagement between Somaliland and UAE has proved fruitful. The two countries' new diplomatic relationship will boost regional diplomatic and economic influence between the two nations and the two people. In recent years, Somaliland diplomatic success has escalated that end result annoying villa Somalia being about Somaliland diplomatic successive achievements.In the past, the fragile government in Somalia which the international labelled as a failed state has lodged numerous protests against the UAE especially following the signing of DP world

In 2016, UAE owned company DP world and Somaliland has inked a multi-million project (US $ 442 million) intended to upgrade Somaliland commercial port Berbera which is currently running in its final phase.The investment deal has generated a positive multiplier effect on Somaliland’s maritime traffic and overall economy. The world economy growth has generated developing of multiple ports and outlets in the region like Somaliland port of Berbera.UAE is the leading Foreign Direct Investor in Somaliland with the financial support of key projects critical to the Somaliland economy.The terminal which is in its final phase will contribute to opening new horizons of cooperation between the two countries. This investment project will generate an economic boom that will make the town wealthy once more. Through a network of ports, DP World Logistics enabled local markets to participate in global trade. DP world has contributed to Somaliland economic growth and the living conditions of our people. DP world investment in Somaliland has generated an influx of foreign capital, job opportunities and promoted Somaliland diplomatic status quo. The investment deal between Somaliland and DP world has captured and attracted the international media coverage. The construction of a 400m quay and a new 250,000-square-metre extension at the Port of Berbera which is also known as Berbera Port in Somaliland is complete.


Once operational, it will increase the terminal’s capacity, and strengthen Berbera as a major regional trade hub servicing the Horn of Africa,” stated DP-World on its official twitter handle..As global logics and global trade have interconnection, DP world has connected Somaliland with logistics and trade. Global trade which is an exchange of goods or services across national jurisdictions expands international markets for both goods and services that otherwise may not have been available domestically.The investment deal offers an opportunity for development in Somaliland. Berbera offers base at the entrance to the Red Sea and the gateway to the Suez Canal. DP world direct investment in Somaliland will create and economic prosperity to Somaliland. DP World has won many investment deals to manage many ports in Africa and the Middle East apart from many other parts of the worded World chairman Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem said, DP world went to Somaliland being an independent country.In a TV interview in Dubai he said, the declaration by the Federal Government as null and void the shareholding agreement with Ethiopia and Somaliland would not affect the implementation of the concession.

The terminal will have competitive global advantage. Every success starts with the desire and the ambition to do it. When your desire is strong, then you possess superhuman power, Nepoleon Hill. When you have the vision that is strong enough, then nothing can stand in your way, Lewis Howes. Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. Jonathan Swift.Somaliland's strategic location has sourced an important and significant influence on existing security arrangements in the horn of Africa and east Africa in general. Berbera Corridor is another noble project assisted by the UAE government to Somaliland.The road known as the Berbera Corridor funded by the Abu Dhabi Development Fund which is 250 kilometres that links Berbera to Somaliland-Ethiopian border town of Wajale made significant progress. As part of the road project, there will also be a 21-kilometre bypass to the Somaliland capital, Hargeisa. Roads are key national assets which underpin economic activity. Road transport is a foundation for economic activity. Road infrastructure reduces the delivery time to transport goods. Road infrastructure allows employees to reach their place of work in time. This increases efficiency in productivity and less complaints about congestion. Employees become more efficient as they have not spent most of their energy in travelling and this increases their willingness to work. Our national economy is changing as fast as our society. The road network is a valuable infrastructural asset of a country. The connectivity of road infrastructure improves business prospects. Asphalt paved roads make crucial contributions to economic development and growth and bring important social benefits. Asphalt paved are the arteries through which the economy pulses.

It increases the nation's trade and commerce, promotes tourism, speeds transport services, and provides door to door service. It connects different cities, towns and villages together. Road infrastructure makes transportation schedules and deliveries more reliable and timelier. It makes journeys faster.This road project will improve Somaliland road infrastructure by accelerating Somaliland economic growth. In view of above, Somaliland and UAE relationship experiencing its honeymoon, in other its best times.Somaliland diplomacy gains comes at the time Somalia turmoil experiencing its worst chaos in view of election impasse which divided the so called Somali political class.President Farmajo's term in office officially expired on March 08, 2021 prompting an alliance of opposition parties claiming they no longer recognizedFarmajo as Somali president Somalia. Free and free election in Somalia seems dashed away in view of the current election process deadlock.Somalia’s federal system that was adopted in 2012 after a long transition hit a wall, and this is the hallmark of the nature of Somalia’s structure.Somali political class are divided more than any time before into clans that willend politicaldisagreements.Somalia is experiencing three decades of conflicts and unrest plague in recent memory and an insurgency by al-Shabaab, an al-Qaeda-linked Islamist group.



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