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Abdirahman He Sale The Party By Mukhtar Cilmi

Thursday November 25, 2021 - 21:21:04 in Maqaallo by Wariye Tiriko
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    Abdirahman He Sale The Party By Mukhtar Cilmi

    Abdirahman He Sale The Party By Mukhtar Cilmi

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Abdirahman He Sale The Party By Mukhtar Cilmi
I woulde the international community hear thatSomaliland had made a lot of success under past president silaanyo administration and present elect his successor MUSE BIHI as the Somaliland president. Somaliland surprises the world and earn global praise after the nation elect MUSE bihi.

Therefore Somaliland nationals won’t allow the incumbent president to handpick a corrupt junta to rule Somaliland for the next generation. Our mentality guided by moral principles. It is our morality to tell us what is right or wrong. Morality means manner, character, and proper behavior. To begin with the subject article, in the event any person who knew IRRO started from the days of Somalia siyad barre regime in 80’s and till today, they will respond in a same manner which is IRRO a person difficult to understand, difficult to compromise, he believes that, he should all the right while others deserve no right. That’s why he lost the past elections.

The entire of somaliland and waddani party supporters saw how IRRO sale the party to the new chairman Xirsi cali xaji xasan,who make alot.of problems during silaanyo era, all supporters that support the party for 10 yrs IRRO slambs the door on their face. He didn't listen to them also didn't wait to be president and then past the party someone else, but he sale it and he knows that he will be not the next president of somaliland.
To be honest no buddy knows what he wants IRRO ?sometimes his tactics and nothing but double face policy, his party make problems and standoffs to delay any election comes on the way. IRRO always scare to run in any election and that’s what happens in 2017 when he fails.

IRRO today controlled by others in his destroy party seems not fit to rule or to be the next president. The Somaliland people have come a long way in the past two decades. Somaliland is also a sea of calm in a region infested with terrorism, famine and clan and tribal driven conflict. IRRO is nothing but broken promises, he came short on people’s expectations. He failed to rule the parliament and become weak nothing but (pay me) to pass a law!. majority of Somalilanders went for a change and they deserve for a better life .the Mr. IRRO well not be that choice for the next term 2022, Indeed it is the time for a new generation to take the helmet of Somaliland leadership and supported ,that road is MUSE BIHI current president will plan it . and IRRO needs to resign and send himself back to his retirement home in Finland!.again to the international community don't believe what Irro say or bring to the table!.

By Mukhtar Elmi
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