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"Xammaalkii wasiirka Noqday" "The Former Hummer of the Minister"

Sunday October 06, 2019 - 08:37:35 in Maqaallo by Wariye Tiriko
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    "Xammaalkii wasiirka Noqday" "The Former Hummer of the Minister"

    "Xammaalkii wasiirka Noqday" "The Former Hummer of the Minister"

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"Xammaalkii wasiirka Noqday" "The Former Hummer of the Minister"
His name is "Qawdhan." He is a black man with a large body, a middle-aged man up to 45 years old. his body is very well built. Physical activity is not the substance of his sweat glands and the market for his sweatpants, so that he can fall and live for himself and his family.

At around 1:30 pm every day he gets tired of this task, with the smoker and the smoke coming from his body and the sweat from his sun that has sweat on his beard, some people. They are often mindless as a mentally ill man, but anyone who has a good look at his whole picture can immediately realize that he is a hard worker, a man of ability and perseverance.

In addition to this, he is a fierce and aggressive boy, a man who raises his anger and doesn't care about us. He has fought several times and has been killed by men and has not been killed. it is insulting and abusive to less when angry. Every day they get into conflict with each other, as the work of the harness is so narrow to 3-car sort of spit "he turns every day.

On several occasions there was a dispute over the nature of the rice as to which a porter had a handkerchief and a knife and had bleeding, and was arrested. why do you go into debt as a pile without regret he has regretted it several times.

At noon, it is usual to bathe "to take two kat mijin and " packet of royal cigarettes"and go to a small balloon called" Postpartum "in the name. "Cursed" by a valley near the valley, often referred to by the laborers "the harness, the donkey, the carpenter, the carpenter, and the kerchief are small black people, but the men who work hard to solve problems have all fallen. The "public property" that hangs in long wires, let the weddings and its people complain, is a place where you feel like there are people who are satisfied with their lives, and you may feel that there are men who are truly experienced in the world and time. Closed but familiar and familiar with the wisdom and storytelling forums.

This man is not evil in himself; he is a man to be angry with. He is a brave man who never fails to speak. He is a wise man who has met with the three sons of men. Debate, war and charity is a man of poetry and prose even though a tribe of tribes has set aside pride and banishment. they have their nose mostly on the branch I am. It is true that in terms of genealogy it is one of the largest Somali clans that belong to the Half, Traders, Scholars, intellectuals etc. but it is literally a lifeline on its back.

Now he is sitting in his place in the business wearing a mask and a red shirt, the tip of his cheek and also leaning on a little 'pillow that you can see that he has cleaned, and his right hand holds a cigarette. "Royal," who was halfway through his family's pride, sat back down and pulled out a cigarette. He said: "If my family didn't go to war in the war, they would have liberated the country in the twentieth century." obliterated.

Yes, it is tribal but at the same time it is the family's responsibility not to prosecute both for war and for arbitration. The Sultan of Sultan is a Sultan and he is a long time ago, the sultan is very confident and goes to the barracks for tea in the evening to watch the news at 8:00 pm when the news begins. -and stands for "" The president is right and wrong is being punished "sand and gambling more than the political controversy over which he has been verbally and physically abusive and what has happened to conflict with a politician he does not know? he whispered several times.

The Sultan said to him several times: - The family of a hard-working man is born of you, and you have no knowledge of it. If you go to the Barracks and learn English and English I have made a lesser minister than the recent candidate. we are choosing friends.

The suggestion was pleasing to the fact that he did not sleep to be a minister in the night, it was a fact that the sultan had already brought one to the presidency and appointed a director. The night he did not bring tears to his eyes, he ended up awake and was halfway through two non-rinse rides. where he goes is the little weddings he cries to no home e. and that morning he did not take it all in the evening; he appeared before the little weddings and pulled and smoked a few cigarettes.

In the morning, he bought a couple of books left by barrayfat, where he began learning two languages ​​and mathematics operate 0he continued. He is a light-hearted Somali man who understood 4-month-olds in English. He shrugs off in 7 months. He has started a lot and read books and poetry in the classroom. A well-known scholar recently described the time when the Frenchman captured the Sword scientist "and is known for arguing in any forum where he confuses people with little to no motive" and has taken that path once and for all. talking about the US economy. One day he was very clear: "The US economy and business grew on top of taxation. The whole business is run by foreign companies with a long list of people. He has been central to his argument. Now, I think. I am a former politician for that matter and many men in the donkey chambers shook their heads even though this shoplifter was disgusted by God.

He graduated in December in the first half of his short education and was fluent in Somali writing and even English he now stopped working as a bookkeeper and is a dressmaker and you can see babies grow a little.

One night he called out to the Sultan and said: - Come to the business (bud-flight) and he came to learn what you are said to be a master of. "I am now a gentleman," he said.

The Sultan, whose show was politically contested by local politicians, said: "The men I have built have vowed to me and I'm ready for a job." The news was good that he didn't sleep at all this morning. Carrington had called during the exhibition were taken with the clothes on the emperor suits purchased and hairdressers were taken during a shaved face seemed washed hair. The next morning they took the car with the sultan and two elders, "Smoke and Smoke," and went to the presidents, a meeting with the president and the elder who was watching what was going on was agreed to appoint a ministerial community. It was only a few days later, he and the president got to know each other, but the time was short and the president's private secretary made a name for himself.

The days of not being able to sleep and dreaming of what is happening are over and he believes you will be a minister.
One day he went to bed and woke up to look at the Silent mobile phone, or it was 102 calls to a mobile phone. What a surprise!

The phone rang and he caught a whisper. The words stuck to me and what did you hear? I heard your name on TV with your nickname "Qawdhan".

I called the Sultan and said: - You were named Minister of Culture and Tourism. I was happy until I came to the knowledge that you can understand the culture until you grow up in the countryside, and the next night I was in a black suit. and the Sultan greeted the president with the president and I heard him with wisdom and wisdom and I adorned him with the chief minister, but it was a sultan's praises to the president.

It was a dinner meeting, gentlemen! ... I knew and ate fried meat with me, the sultan and the President did not eat the bean and the beans, and I found myself on the sidewalk and several times with the President's fingers across the border. into another shame there was not such a delicious meal I had never seen before, I saw that the president was surprised by my love of food and my breath but I defended him with his disgusting diet as a college cookbook. .

Aside from the dinner party the president himself was surprised at how much I licked my lips and I was surprised myself! Yet in speech, wisdom, wisdom and rhetoric he saw me as an impeccable speaker, and he saw me as an important person in the defense of the personal interests of the office of culture.

The next morning I took over as the minister and I saw newspapers criticizing my knowledge, but I didn't look and feel depressed. Most of the proverb and proverb at the posting conference could understand that I was a cartoonist.

The ministries brought a number of surveys to help me write and prepare for office and this was helped by a colleague of mine called "Dark" Sultan said: - Work with the mentor and I was the microphone. About TV sermons.
I am a mentor to the ministry and its work has been accelerated and the secretaries and non-community professionals are doing their job well.

Occasionally I would have distinguished myself as the minister of office and the sultanate, and several projects for rehabilitation of tourist sites had been put in the pocket and built in the house.

I first built a house for my family and I built another beautiful, white girl I thought was "evil" while I was amazed at her beauty !! They said, "I have lived a long life. You know nothing else."

I wrote a new community employee selected by the sultan, and some of our closest friends wrote the ministers in their presence. I dismissed some of the other communities, divided several of the ministerial projects into three places where I had deposited my bank and two smaller ones and one of my co-workers ate two small secretaries. For me it was a house he completed this month.

life is not the world shining and smells good with many, many years in my office and I am now civilized life there is still a dream to see, I was amazed with the beauty! One night when I was watching the TV news I was also surprised that my mouth was so sharp that people would look at me like that but I was just surprised.

You confuse the beauty of my house with the beautiful babies and children as I go to sit down and turn on the TV and shake my right foot and call sweet-smelling words to my favorite "Films" and never forget that I pour a cup of rice or one of them. corn that the heart throws me.

I have been told several times that men want me and say: "We are friends and friends want me to blse and I say: - I am not there while laptop is playing with the house itself and my wife told me that men are slightly weaker." "We want the minister," said the minister. "She is out: I immediately realize that the ones who are working with the harnessed friends and several donkeys are the ones who can be photographed, but I do not have much time for them. I want to buy a bag, but to my surprise I was a well-known philanthropist, and now I don't forget the $ 100 I pay and want to make money to get a big business or "company" in the country.

Four years and six months, and I was in office I hold hands with my wealth, "Mood and living with both" .hey this wealth is not forbidden and sickle then other ministers, who are looting the country's small you have to mind what happened then You are in your family. Why is it not the right of the family in the country? Show that this is the case.

For 4 years now a home teacher has been teaching me and becoming a better man, I have made false degrees, recently joined the university and occasionally attended college and started my "administration and politics" recently. graduate and now i want to get my bachelor's degree online from a Malaysian university. I am now dreaming of a better life. "My dream of leading the country is ambitious and ambitious".

One of the things that I regret is the abuse of tribalism, I spoke about two poor women who worked in the ministry and replaced them with the community and fired many young people from the ministry. and I was educated and shaken and transformed into a community. It has hurt me so much that I have been described as a potential family rights hero.

I was surprised by things! One of the things that happened to be the business of his two sons who studied abroad was that I was hired by: - ​​I asked myself before in college, was it better than my little self?

My recent post is to nominate a party and compete for the top leadership of our people and to lead on a national policy and national development plan so that my surveys can be the key to our nation's success.

Today, one of the most important developments in my development here is the community I was born in and now know that the politics of community and justice are defending me and I want to give the country power over resources.

Now the minister is bleeding and he is the most influential men in the cabinet and he has changed so much that he does not know anyone who he knows.

Translated by
Abdishakur Geljire
Birmingham UK

[ ] Prepared by
Mustafe ahmed Gedi
Burao-Togdheer somaliland.

Facebook.Mustafe Ahmed Geedi
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