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Ku dhawaaqid Xisbi Cusub somaliland people's party

Sunday September 06, 2020 - 12:05:03 in Maqaallo by Wariye Tiriko
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    Ku dhawaaqid Xisbi Cusub somaliland people's party

    Ku dhawaaqid Xisbi Cusub somaliland people's party

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Ku dhawaaqid Xisbi Cusub somaliland people's party
Date : 05/09/2020
Ujeedo ku dhawaaqid Xisbi Cusub ( Somaliland people’s party )

Dear Mr President of Somaliland,
Cc/ International partners
Cc / Golaha Wakiiladda & Gurtida Somaliland

I should like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my organisation. My name is Saciid.H. Diiriye and I am the founder of the Somaliland People’s Party. I currently live in London in the UK.

Mr President, Somaliland needs international recognition and economic development, as you well know. Somaliland also needs major systematic political reform of institutions across governmental sectors, including reform of the systems of voting and proportional representation. Somaliland hasn’t held local and parliamentary elections since 2005. One of the reasons being that the groups in the Awadal & Salal regions and those in the eastern regions of Sool and Sanaag are dissatisfied with the current structure of voting systems, which they believe is unfair and unbalanced. This is in contrast to the predominantly central regions where the country’s majority tribes concentrate power to control and monopolize political and economic development for their own benefit.
Mr President, time and again, the minority groups, community leaders, political representatives and tribal elders of the Sool, Sanaag, Awadal and Salal regions voice their opposition to the unfairness of the political, economic and social marginalisation of their communities and request change. They have also asked the international community to support their plight, but as recently as two weeks ago the Somaliland Supreme Court ruled the next election will take place under the old unbalanced unfair system lacking proper rules of representation. Under the existing rules for parliamentary and local government elections, this destroys any hope of free, fair and balanced elections in Somaliland. Mr President, we are urging that this state of affairs should be changed so that all the people of Somaliland feel secure and represented both politically, economically and socially in their own country, including those of the above-mentioned regions.

Mr President, there is also the tightest control of political parties in Somaliland. Political party organisations exert monopoly power, whereby no more than two opposition parties are allowed to exist but only if they have a licence. This means that many people of Somaliland cannot be heard because they are not allowed to associate with the existing parties if they dispute their effectiveness.

Therefore, Mr President, we ask you to allow the rules of creating political organisations in the country to be relaxed so we can freely register our party, represent our country and create opportunities for prosperity and development for everyone.

Mr President, many people in Somaliland believe that the current political representation in Somaliland is undemocratic, unfairly unbalanced and open to widespread corruption and malpractice. Therefore, we kindly request that the reforms we suggested are enacted which would allow new political parties to be registered in Somaliland and permit free political association regardless of class or tribe. Whether minority or majority, men or women, small tribes or large tribes, Somaliland needs urgent reform and equal footing.
We believe the six members of the new electoral commission, recently sworn in at the presidential palace, will not be impartial because some of them took part in the previous electoral commission which was responsible for the disputed elections in 2017 when civilians were killed after the election win by the ruling party was announced. The current commission chairman is a diehard ruling party member and we are of the opinion that he will never be impartial. Therefore, we are asking the international community, including the UK, which contributes to the EU funds which the country receives, to put pressure on the regime in Somaliland to replace the electoral commission.

The reforms needed, in our opinion, are:

1 ) Permission to register new political parties

2 ) Reform of the justice system

3 ) Equal opportunities for economic development, employment and education across Somaliland

4 ) Freedom of expression, association and movement, and free speech

These are our core values. @ Somaliland Peoples party
Our slogan is justice, accountability, transparency and development.

ALLAH Mahadleh

FOUNDER : Dr Saciid.H.Diiriye

Gudoomiyaha & Aasasaha Xisbiga
Somaliland People’s Party
Contact: 00447405030024

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